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Our Mission:
"We are transferring the modern management technologies to the Hungarian management practice, while improving the business and organizational capabilities of the companies. We are supporting the top management in finding and implementing the most appropriate business model and processes which are responding to their current challenges."
Our company is specialized in supporting the effective work of the top management by providing consulting, training and systems development services. Our goals is to transfer the most up-to-date and effective management methodologies to the Hungarian business practice, we are providing a methodological support for the management and improve the capabilities of the work force and the business systems. The No.1 principle of our service is "Customer Focus" that we also would like to strengthen in the practices of our clients.
You must be aware of the acceleration of changes in our environment in the recent years. Creatively adapting to the changes consumes a lot of energy from the managers. It gets more and more difficult to keep pace with the competition, because the competitors are always improving their capabilities.
On most of the fields of our business, it is not enough to deliver our product and services on a standard level, we must continuously improve our processes. This capability of continuous improvement should be built into the company's daily operations. We can only improve, if the foundations are solid and stabile, the companies need such business systems, which enable them to consistently provide the required product quality and service level, and help to control the business processes. The other enablers of quality work are the high quality and empowered workforce. In order to be able to achieve the company's goals and keep pace with the competition, the people's thinking and way of doing things should be changed, the people's and organization's capabilities should continuously be improved. We have developed our service profile according to the above mentioned requirements.
We are supporting our clients in improving their business effectiveness on the following areas:
We are supporting our clients in improving their business effectiveness on the following areas:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Controlling Consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Developing and Implementing Customized Informations Systems
  • Quality Management
  • Organization Development
  • Management Trainings and Development
  • Lean manufacturing and Kaizen
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Systems Development
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